I went to college with no idea of what career path to take. I had a passion for helping people so I became a nurse. Meanwhile, I was constantly taking photos. I loved being a nurse but had some tough experiences that led me to feel burnt out. So I decided to go for my dream. A lot of research, workshops, courses, & over 50 weddings later, I'm a full-time professional photographer! 

For me, wedding photography is a true expression of myself, right down to my name. Your wedding is not just another day to me. I want to make your day carefree & get excited with you when you see your vision come together! Being your wedding photographer is not just a job - it's my calling

hi, i'm jm!
(the photographer)

About the Photographer

are we kindred spirits? 

You can find me on a hot date with my husband, being climbed on by my two small children (who we adore), or researching clean green living! I come from a big, loud Haitian-Italian family and dang do I love conversation, a party, & good food.

Growing up I thrived on books and still love to read (LOTR, Jane Austen, & Anne of Green Gables are my favs). I also insist on researching everything. AKA, I'm that person that reads a good five pages of Amazon reviews. Yes, I am kind of, maybe a perfectionist!!

get to know me

My husband & best friend. He buys me Pellegrino at 9pm at night but also keeps me grounded. He's my real life Mr. Darcy and I love him SO MUCH! 


He's 2 going on 12! He's a smarty pants, cuddler, & a lover! Mama's boy at heart & is obsessed with Paw Patrol!


Sweet baby girl is almost 1 & loves to wave hi & dance to music (like her mama!). She knows how to properly use the phrase "uh-oh!"





I know you came here to see who would be photographing your wedding but let me tell you - I wouldn't be me without these three people. They deserve the best life ever & hiring me helps provide that for them. One of my favorite parts of wedding days is seeing your family all together. From my sweet fam to yours, your family memories are very important!!

my why

I don't know where I would be without Jesus in my life. There is a richness and comfort in my faith that keeps me grounded! Mother Teresa is such an inspiration to me and I try my best to treat all people with dignity like she did.

my faith

Florida girl at heart, here! I will go wherever the sun shines & water sparkles. 

the beach

Loooove making a healthy, tasty meal for my family. All my skills come from my mom and my Grandmere who are incredible cooks. Still call my mom with questions, haha! 


I am obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. & all things flower patterned!! 


a few of my
favorite things...